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By Princeton Eye and Ear
November 27, 2017
Category: Cosmetic Surgery
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As the skin ages, it naturally begins to lose elasticity and firmness due to less collagen production. Although the aging process affects cosmetic surgeryeveryone differently, some of the most common cosmetic issues include fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume in the cheeks and around the mouth, and thinning or "crepey" skin around the face and neck. If you have considered cosmetic surgery to help refresh and improve your appearance, you are not alone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 15 million Americans underwent some form of plastic surgery in 2015, and the numbers have been going up ever since. Our ENT and ophthalmology specialists in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, and Freehold, NJ, offer a range of cosmetic and minimally invasive options for aging and damaged skin.

Cosmetic Surgery in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, and Freehold, NJ

Advancements in medical technology and cosmetic techniques have led to the development of a number of minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques to achieve results similar to a traditional facelift for men and women who prefer to take a more modest approach. Some of the most common surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for the face and neck include:

  • Botox
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Brow/forehead lift
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Facelift
  • Neck Lift
  • Dermal Fillers

The best place to start before investing in plastic surgery or cosmetic contouring procedures is to consult with a skilled board certified surgeon with a proven track record of successful outcomes, even for minimally invasive procedures like Botox and other dermal fillers, which are used to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to restore volume to sagging skin. For surgical procedures like rhinoplasty (nose job) and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) and ophthalmologist (eye doctor) can advise on the best procedure for your situation, and deliver safe and effective results.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, and Freehold, NJ

For more information about your cosmetic surgery options for the neck and face, contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

By Princeton Eye and Ear
June 09, 2017
Category: Cosmetic Surgery
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There are several different cosmetic procedures for enhancing the appearance of your face and neck. Face and neck lifts can restore a face surgery, neck surgerymore youthful appearance by lifting sagging skin and smoothing away wrinkles. For others, cosmetic plastic surgery can help by reconstructing injured areas of the face or correcting such conditions as cleft palate or cleft lip. A cosmetic surgeon can determine which procedures will benefit you. The otolaryngologists at Princeton Eye & Ear are your Lawrenceville cosmetic surgery specialists.

Face & Neck Cosmetic Surgery

There are several different cosmetic surgeries for improving and enhancing the appearance of the face and neck. For instance, face and neck lifts can smooth and tighten sagging or wrinkled skin. Afterward, you will enjoy smoother skin and an overall more youthful appearance. Speak to a doctor in Lawrenceville about which cosmetic surgery options are best for achieving the look you desire. Depending on your needs and goals, one or multiple procedures might be necessary.

In addition to achieving a younger look, there are also cosmetic surgery procedures for correcting injuries and other concerns. At Princeton Eye & Ear, some of the results cosmetic surgery for the face and neck can achieve include:

  • Lifting and tightening sagging or wrinkled skin on the face
  • Contouring and lifting the neck
  • Correcting a cleft palate or a cleft lip
  • Reconstructing injured areas of the face or neck

Whether you wish to lift and contour the face and neck for a more youthful and refreshed appearance or are interested in plastic surgery to correct a cleft palate, cleft lip or an injury, there are face and neck cosmetic surgery procedures to suit your aesthetic goals. The experienced otolaryngologists at Princeton Eye & Ear can evaluate your needs and recommend the appropriate procedures. For cosmetic surgery in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro and Freehold, NJ, contact Princeton Eye & Ear by calling (609) 403-8840.

By Princeton Eye and Ear
August 03, 2016
Category: Cosmetic Surgery

Thanks to cosmetic surgery techniques, you don't have to live with the lines and wrinkles that make you look older. Chetan S. Shah, cosmetic surgeryM.D.; Chirag Shah, M.D.; Angana Shah, M.D.; Rakesh Patel, M.D., Samir Undavia, M.D.; Dean Drezner, M.D.; Gregory Smith, M.D.; and Aleen Lee, M.D.; your Lawrenceville, NJ, doctors, are here to share information about several surgical options for your face and neck.

Eyelid surgery

Over the years, gravity causes your eyelids to droop and can even interfere with your vision. During eyelid surgery, doctors remove excess skin, fatty deposits or fat and can eliminate bags under your eyes. Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower lids, or both.


A rhinoplasty, or nose job, not only changes the appearance of your nose but is also used to correct a deviated septum or other issues that can affect breathing. Because incisions are made inside your nose, you won't have to worry about visible scars.

Facelift surgery

During facelift surgery, your doctor tightens the muscles and tissues in your face and pulls the skin tightly over your face to reduce wrinkles, lines and sagging. The sutures from the facelift procedure are hidden in your hairline to make them less obvious

Neck lift surgery

Neck lift surgery is often done at the same time as a facelift. Your doctor removes excess skin and tightens loose neck muscles.

Eyebrow and forehead lift

Gravity can also cause a sagging brow and wrinkled forehead. Fortunately, these problems are easily corrected with an eyebrow and forehead lift. During the procedure, your doctor lifts and smooths the skin by making a small incision in the front of your scalp.


Mentoplasty is a common procedure used to correct a receding chin. During surgery, your doctor adds an implant to your chin that helps your face look more balanced. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.

Are you ready to improve your appearance? Call Chetan S. Shah, M.D.; Chirag Shah, M.D.; Angana Shah, M.D.; Rakesh Patel, M.D., Samir Undavia, M.D.; Dean Drezner, M.D.; Gregory Smith, M.D.; and Aleen Lee, M.D.; your Lawrenceville, NJ, doctors, at (609) 883-3000 to learn which procedure is appropriate for you. Turn back the clock with cosmetic surgery!

By Princeton Eye and Ear
December 18, 2015
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Discover if cosmetic surgery is the right option for you and your needs.

Before you decide to have cosmetic surgery in Lawrenceville, it’s important that you know what you can expect from an upcoming or potential procedure. Of course, you probably have many questions and while nothing takes the place of talking to us face-to-face here are some of the more common questions we hear from patients.

Q. Will my procedure be inpatient or outpatient?

A. Most plastic surgeries are performed outpatient, but there are always exceptions to this rule. If the patient requires multiple surgeries or if complications arise after surgery we may have the patient stay overnight.

Q. Is there anything I should do to prepare for my surgery?

A. You want to be as healthy as you possibly can during your surgery. If a cold, fever, rash or other infection occurs right before surgery it’s important to call your plastic surgeon in Lawrenceville, NJ so we can decide whether we need to reschedule. Here are some other things you should do:

  • Stop smoking for at least six weeks before your surgery and for several weeks after to make sure everything heals properly.
  • Stop taking any medications or supplements that could interfere with anesthesia about one week prior.
  • If you are taking aspirin we will also tell you when to stop taking it as this medication can increase your bleeding risk.

Q. What will the recovery process be like?

A. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and the cosmetic treatment you choose will also dictate the length of healing downtime you’ll have. Many facial surgeries boast minimal pain and discomfort afterwards. Other full-body treatments like liposuction may be a bit more uncomfortable, and any procedure that affects the muscles (e.g. breast augmentation) can be fairly uncomfortable for a longer period of time. We can also prescribe pain medication to help reduce symptoms.

Q. Are there risks involved with cosmetic surgery?

A. As with any type of surgery, there is the possibility for complications. Talk to us during your consultation about the risks associated with the type of treatment you want.

Q. Who is a good candidate for treatment?

A. Someone who is in good general health is typically a pretty good candidate for getting plastic surgery. Besides being healthy, a candidate should also have realistic expectations regarding the results they will achieve through plastic surgery. During your consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals to make sure that you are an ideal candidate for plastic surgery.

Ready to improve your appearance? Then turn to our Lawrenceville, NJ plastic surgeons at Princeton Eye and Ear for all of your cosmetic needs. Schedule your consultation with us and get a new look for the New Year!

By Princeton Eye and Ear
October 09, 2015
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Have you suffered bone or tissue damage to your face or neck? Even seemingly minor trauma can cause serious cosmetic and functionality problems. Assaults, sports injuries, car accidents, cancer surgeries, and many other causes can not only result in aestheticReconstructive Surgery and psychological concerns, but also impede essential functions like breathing, chewing, head and neck movement, and vision. The highly trained surgical staff at Princeton Eye and Ear in New Jersey provides state-of-the-art care and quality solutions to your head and neck trauma.

Address Potential Problems Early

Recent Surgery?
If you have had facial or neck surgery for cancer treatment, whether thyroid, oral, or otherwise, scarring can develop and lead to more cosmetic deformity than initially believed. Depending on the surgical site, it can obstruct speech, swallowing, or breathing. You don’t have to live with the potential side effects - consult our surgical team today to help you regain the full quality of life you deserve.

Accident or Traumatic Injury?
The face and neck are delicate and complex areas of the body, and even an apparently minor injury can have lasting effects. Swelling and scarring can put pressure on facial nerves or muscles in ways that reduce the ability to see, swallow, or speak. Facial reconstruction can help address these problems before it’s too late, and restore cosmetic confidence in your appearance as well. If you have suffered an injury to your face or neck, you may want to consider consulting a doctor to take any necessary steps to minimize any lasting effects. 

Functional Reconstruction
Reconstructive surgery can even help with common conditions like migraine headaches, sleep apnea and snoring, facial nerve paralysis, and more. 

Cosmetic Options
In addition to repairing functional problems like breathing obstructions and nerve pressure, the skilled team at Princeton Eye and Ear in Plainsboro and Lawrenceville, NJ can help you achieve cosmetic goals for your face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. 

Facial and neck surgeries are highly intricate and require care, skill, and minute attention to the details and the desires of the patient. Make an appointment for a consultation with the professional and caring team at Princeton Eye and Ear at (609) 403-8840.