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By Princeton Eye and Ear
October 09, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Surgery

Have you suffered bone or tissue damage to your face or neck? Even seemingly minor trauma can cause serious cosmetic and functionality problems. Assaults, sports injuries, car accidents, cancer surgeries, and many other causes can not only result in aestheticReconstructive Surgery and psychological concerns, but also impede essential functions like breathing, chewing, head and neck movement, and vision. The highly trained surgical staff at Princeton Eye and Ear in New Jersey provides state-of-the-art care and quality solutions to your head and neck trauma.

Address Potential Problems Early

Recent Surgery?
If you have had facial or neck surgery for cancer treatment, whether thyroid, oral, or otherwise, scarring can develop and lead to more cosmetic deformity than initially believed. Depending on the surgical site, it can obstruct speech, swallowing, or breathing. You don’t have to live with the potential side effects - consult our surgical team today to help you regain the full quality of life you deserve.

Accident or Traumatic Injury?
The face and neck are delicate and complex areas of the body, and even an apparently minor injury can have lasting effects. Swelling and scarring can put pressure on facial nerves or muscles in ways that reduce the ability to see, swallow, or speak. Facial reconstruction can help address these problems before it’s too late, and restore cosmetic confidence in your appearance as well. If you have suffered an injury to your face or neck, you may want to consider consulting a doctor to take any necessary steps to minimize any lasting effects. 

Functional Reconstruction
Reconstructive surgery can even help with common conditions like migraine headaches, sleep apnea and snoring, facial nerve paralysis, and more. 

Cosmetic Options
In addition to repairing functional problems like breathing obstructions and nerve pressure, the skilled team at Princeton Eye and Ear in Plainsboro and Lawrenceville, NJ can help you achieve cosmetic goals for your face, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. 

Facial and neck surgeries are highly intricate and require care, skill, and minute attention to the details and the desires of the patient. Make an appointment for a consultation with the professional and caring team at Princeton Eye and Ear at (609) 403-8840.