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By Princeton Eye and Ear
October 07, 2016
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Could Botox finally give you the cosmetic results you’ve been looking for?

It’s amazing how many cosmetic options there are out there that can smooth away wrinkles and make you appear younger. Of course, botoxnot everyone wants to go through invasive procedures or even surgeries to achieve a certain look. But now you don’t have to! Our Lawrenceville, NJ physicians are happy to provide noninvasive cosmetic procedures like Botox to get the more youthful look you want without surgery.

What is Botox?

Botox uses a form of botulinum toxin, which is safely injected into certain muscles of the face to temporarily stop muscle contractions to instantly smooth away dynamic wrinkles and lines.

What goes into getting Botox in Lawrenceville, NJ?

Once we deem you an ideal candidate getting Botox is pretty easy and simple. Some patients hate the idea of needles, no matter how thin the needles might be. In this case we can apply a topical numbing gel to the area that we are treating prior to administering the Botox injection.

Once the skin is numb we will inject the series of Botox needles into the skin. This whole process only takes a few minutes and you can go right back to your daily activities immediately after. There is absolutely no recovery time.

Is it right for me?

Botox can be a great option for many people who are looking to smooth away wrinkles that appear as a result of muscle contractions such as crows feet, laugh lines and forehead wrinkles.

Good candidates for Botox are adults over the age of 18 years old who are in good health. Those who are pregnant and nursing, people with neuromuscular disorders and muscle weakness in the face, as well as those who are allergic to the ingredients found in Botox won’t be ideal candidates for this treatment. Be sure to share your complete medical history with us during your consultation so we can determine whether Botox will meet your cosmetic goals.

You don’t always need to go through serious cosmetic procedures to get the results you want. Turn to Princeton Eye and Ear in Lawrenceville, NJ and let us know that you are interested in getting Botox.