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February 14, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Surgery
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If you've ever attended a school reunion, you've most likely noticed that aging favors some more than others. However, have you ever Bright Cosmetic Smileconsidered that some of these more youthful people may have undergone cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate their appearance? At Princeton Eye and Ear in Lawrenceville, Plainsboro and Freehold, NJ, your team of highly skilled surgeons not only cares for the health and function of your head, neck, eyes, and ears, but they also look after facial aesthetics. Read below to find out if cosmetic surgery is right for you and which procedure would help you achieve your desired look.

The Objectives of Cosmetic Surgery at Our Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, and Freehold Offices

Simply put, cosmetic surgery procedures reduce the signs of facial aging, such as excess fat deposits and sagging skin around the neck, jaw, eyebrows, eyelids and more. Most people seeking cosmetic surgery wish their faces to be less lined and more energetic looking, with the most realistic patients wanting to look like themselves, only better and more refreshed. Cosmetic surgery procedures, both simple and complex, combined with cosmetic skin treatments such as BOTOX and chemical peels, can deliver all that and more!

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that an important element of any cosmetic procedure—whether minimally invasive or surgical—is patient self-confidence. In other words, ideal patients seek to improve their appearance to please no one but themselves. A positive attitude helps both doctor and patient select the correct procedure and helps the individual feel satisfied with the results.


Which Cosmetic Procedure Is Right for You?

At Princeton Eye and Ear, your physician will discuss your aesthetic goals with you before proposing any cosmetic surgeries. They will review your medical history and examine the areas of your face that you wish to improve in overall appearance, texture, and shape. After that, you will receive a detailed treatment plan which will outline the surgery or surgeries that may be best for your facial appearance, health, age, gender, and other considerations.

Examples of cosmetic surgeries performed at Princeton Eye and Ear include:

  • Rhinoplasty, a reshaping of how the nose is proportioned, especially as it relates to the rest of the face
  • Face and neck lifting, to correct sagging, wrinkled skin and define jaw and chin lines.
  • Blepharoplasty, to remove excess sagging skin on the eyelids, thus making the eyes more obvious and less sleepy looking


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