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By Princeton Eye and Ear
August 03, 2016
Category: Cosmetic Surgery

Thanks to cosmetic surgery techniques, you don't have to live with the lines and wrinkles that make you look older. Chetan S. Shah, cosmetic surgeryM.D.; Chirag Shah, M.D.; Angana Shah, M.D.; Rakesh Patel, M.D., Samir Undavia, M.D.; Dean Drezner, M.D.; Gregory Smith, M.D.; and Aleen Lee, M.D.; your Lawrenceville, NJ, doctors, are here to share information about several surgical options for your face and neck.

Eyelid surgery

Over the years, gravity causes your eyelids to droop and can even interfere with your vision. During eyelid surgery, doctors remove excess skin, fatty deposits or fat and can eliminate bags under your eyes. Eyelid surgery can be performed on the upper or lower lids, or both.


A rhinoplasty, or nose job, not only changes the appearance of your nose but is also used to correct a deviated septum or other issues that can affect breathing. Because incisions are made inside your nose, you won't have to worry about visible scars.

Facelift surgery

During facelift surgery, your doctor tightens the muscles and tissues in your face and pulls the skin tightly over your face to reduce wrinkles, lines and sagging. The sutures from the facelift procedure are hidden in your hairline to make them less obvious

Neck lift surgery

Neck lift surgery is often done at the same time as a facelift. Your doctor removes excess skin and tightens loose neck muscles.

Eyebrow and forehead lift

Gravity can also cause a sagging brow and wrinkled forehead. Fortunately, these problems are easily corrected with an eyebrow and forehead lift. During the procedure, your doctor lifts and smooths the skin by making a small incision in the front of your scalp.


Mentoplasty is a common procedure used to correct a receding chin. During surgery, your doctor adds an implant to your chin that helps your face look more balanced. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.

Are you ready to improve your appearance? Call Chetan S. Shah, M.D.; Chirag Shah, M.D.; Angana Shah, M.D.; Rakesh Patel, M.D., Samir Undavia, M.D.; Dean Drezner, M.D.; Gregory Smith, M.D.; and Aleen Lee, M.D.; your Lawrenceville, NJ, doctors, at (609) 883-3000 to learn which procedure is appropriate for you. Turn back the clock with cosmetic surgery!

By Princeton Eye and Ear
January 26, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Surgery

Find out which cosmetic surgery in Lawrenceville could help you achieve the look you want.

Now that we're in the thick of January, the month to sit down and ponder resolutions, perhaps this is finally the year that you get a new, revamped look. The New Year is a wonderful time to consider cosmetic procedures that could help you feel happier and Eyelidmore confident in your skin. Here are some of the popular cosmetic treatments that we offer in Lawrenceville and how they could help give you that younger look.

Rhinoplasty (nose job): If you want to change the appearance of your nose, your Lawrenceville cosmetic surgeon would be happy to reshape it to your ideal specifications. A rhinoplasty involves making a small incision in the nose and manipulating and moving the bone and cartilage within the nose to change the shape. The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and you’ll want to limit your activities for a couple days after your treatment. Common post-procedure symptoms include bruising, swelling and discomfort.

Liposuction: If you’ve tried everything to get rid of your love handles but diet and exercise just can’t seem to reduce excess stomach fat, then liposuction can help. We’ll make an incision into the areas we are targeting and then use a medical vacuum to remove the stubborn body fat. Depending on the extent of your treatment, some patients can return to their daily activities a few days later. Swelling and bruising are also common side effects of treatment.

Eyelid Surgery: If you’re tired of sagging, loose eyelid skin and you want to make your eyes appear younger and more alert, then it might be time to consider eyelid surgery. While this procedure won’t remove fine lines, it can reshape and remove baggy skin. Since this area is a bit more sensitive, you may experience swelling for a week or two. Your vision may also be blurry for a couple days after your operation but this is only temporary.

Breast implants: Breast implants are a great way to improve the fullness of your bust. By making an incision under the breast, we can then gently place the saline implant in the breast, either below or above the muscles of the chest. Once the implant is properly positioned, we will stitch up the incision. Breast implant surgery will require bed rest for one to two days after surgery and you may return to non-vigorous activities about 5 days to a week after your procedure.

If you are interested in any of these cosmetic surgeries and would like to find out if they are right for you, then call Dr. Chetan S. Shah at Princeton Eye and Ear for an appointment. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your cosmetic goals.